Modeling Self Contained DX AHUs (Water Cooled)

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Does anybody know the best way to model an AHU with internal compressor that is water cooled with an external tower? The AHU sits in a insulated mechanical room with return air and OA dumped directly into the Mech room. I know eQuest has the capability to do this, however you do not have the ability to choose whether the VAVs are parallel or series boxes. So I started a model in VisualDOE, and I think the water loop heat pump is the closest VisualDOE can get to this system, however I would like to see if anyone has successfully modeled this type of system.

Don Lipinski, PE

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I am trying to introduce E-quest to my students. I will appreciate any
information about a self guided tutorial . This should be a short tutorial.

Thank you

H. Abaza

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Although slightly outdated, the easiest and most comprehensive tutorial
is probably the one located on the eQUEST website:

Just scroll down the page a little bit and you will find the file.

Good luck.

Andrew Craig, EIT,LEED AP

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