Modeling an incomplete heating system

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I?m working on a Core & Shell office building in Bogota and the baseline
system is 8. The building has a central cooling system with chillers and
air handle units in each floor, it doesn?t have a heating system. According
to the G3.1.10 (c) table of ASHRAE 90.1, the proposed model must have a
heating system equal to the baseline, ie electrical resistance and parallel
fan-powered boxes (PFP). I don?t want to model PFP boxes in the proposed
model due to the fan power consumption. I don?t want neither to model a
lower heating temperature setpoint because the fan in the PFP box would be
working all the time.

To meet the baseline heating system, Can I use only an electric resistance
in the air handle unit or placing a simple reheater in the zone enough? Or
is necessary to model PFP boxes with a heating coil in each zone?

Thank you.

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