Modeling HVAC Systems Webinar: From Concept Through Detailed Design

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This is a final call for our free webinar on 8th December that will show how rapidly you can model EnergyPlus HVAC systems in DesignBuilder. Although the level of HVAC modeling detail increases with each design stage, that doesn't mean you have to use different modeling tools at the early and detailed design stages. DesignBuilder enables you to quickly create an early-stage model and then update it easily as your design evolves. This makes it possible to simply update your HVAC system's performance to the appropriate level of accuracy at every design stage without having to create a new model.

Simple HVAC modeling provides a fast way to set up and simulate different systems during early design using the EnergyPlus Ideal Loads method. Once you have more detailed design data you just switch to Detailed HVAC modeling for more in-depth analysis to assess how the systems perform in the context of your evolving building design. This webinar will show you a typical workflow from Simple through Detailed HVAC modeling so you can see how DesignBuilder's HVAC modeling caters for all project stages and system complexities.

You can register to attend this free webinar or to receive the recording here:

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