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Here is an example of what is happening with my projects, equest doesn't
all my external wall area. Can anyone help me with this?

Robert C. Malone

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It looks like you're using a "floor multiplier" in the wizard. By default
eQUEST uses this floor multiplier and directly multiplies energy use of
the middle floor out to the number of floors you've input. This way the
program can save time in doing the same calculation over and over for an
identical floor plate. Your building is likely being modeled correctly,
but if you would like the 3D model to show all of the floors you'll need
to uncheck the box in the wizard that says "Use Floor Multipliers".

Robby Oylear, LEEDR AP

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Hi Chad,

Looks like you've used a floor multiplier. What this does is create a "template" floor for the floor that's to be multiplied, and rather than drawing it as many times as there are identical floors, it simply draws it once and applies the multiplier factor to that one "template" floor.

This is not an error nor a problem - this is just what eQuest does.

Karine Le Du, EIT, LEED AP

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