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Here are my 2 cents. I don't know what your inputs are
but you might want to check if there are other values
that might be over-riding the min OA rate.
Make sure that the OA rate is set only by the Min OA
fraction and not by occupancy or actual CFM values.

Hope this helps.

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What type of HVAC system are you running? A VAV system Outside air will only see the mixing with return air upstream of the coil. The cooling coil will adjust as required to maintain the 55 ?F setpoint need as outside conditions change. Downstream, the reheat coils will never see the outside conditions.

Correct me if I am wrong...

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Hello, I am modelling a building in Canada with eQUEST and have several
runs varying the min OA rate. In comparing the runs I noticed that the
cooling comsumption varied as expected however the Space Heating
comsumption is not altered. This seems counter intuitive to me. Any
ideas? -Steve

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