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Hello all,

I've been working in eQuest for about a month now and I just cannot
figure out an easy way to make global changes in this program. The
easiest way I have figured out how to make changes for the whole system
is to go into the spreadsheet tab and change all the numbers one by one.
For instance, if I want to change my Flow/Area on my VAVs I currently go
into the spreadsheet and change each number, or set it back to the
default, which is equally as annoying, because I just copy/paste. It
looks like it should work like excel, but it doesn't. I figure there has
to be an easier way to change these numbers(besides going back into the
wizard mode). Is there a way to enter all of my numbers at once, or at
least a better technique than I am currently using? I know many of you
have been using this program for quite a while so any advice would be


Patrick J. Lynch

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For parameters like the VAV min flow/area this value is linked to the
system min flow per area, so if all of the zonal inputs are default you
can just change the system level and it will affect all of the attached

However, for situations where there is not a global system value, I
usually just use a text editor. Make sure to save a copy of your .inp
file before making any text edits, then open your .inp file in your
favorite text editor (I use Boxer, but notepad works too). You can then
use find/replace to tackle annoying edits like what you're talking about
with one click of a button. Save your .inp file then reopen in eQUEST.
If there are a bunch of errors just save over your current .inp file with
the one that you saved as a copy earlier.

Robby Oylear, LEEDR AP

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Patrick, have you explored creating and assigning global parameters?


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Hi Patrick,
Two suggestions: 1) Open up the .inp file in a text editor. Search and
replace to make the changes you want. If you get a text editor that can
handle regular expressions you will be able to do more complex search
and replace operations. (Save a copy of the original .inp first, in just
case you accidentally mess up the file!) Save the changes and then
reopen the eQuest project.

2) Create a global parameter, e.g. "VAV FLOW/AREA" and give this a
numeric value. Right click on "Global Parameters", the first item in the
"Component Tree" view on the left side of the screen, select "create
global parameter". Then, set any instances of this keyword to the global
parameter. In eQuest right click on the input cell, select "edit/view
user expression", input the text #PA("VAV FLOW/AREA") The value will
display in pink in eQuest, indicating it is set by a user expression.
Then, whenever you want to change this value globally, you only need to
change the value of the parameter in one place.

Kind Regards,

Molly Curtz, P.E.

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Another way in the Detailed Mode is to set your variable to a User
Default. If you are in a spreadsheet view (or in one of the edit
windows) you can right click on a variable such as EQUIPMENT-W/AREA[0]
to pick an example. Pick "Edit/View User Default..." from the menu and
then pick the radio button for "User-Defined Default Value" or
"User-Defined Default Expression" and enter the appropriate value. Click
OK to accept the default value. Next, right click the variable and pick
"Restore Default" if needed and the value will change to your default
and be blue. You then go once through your variable list and Restore
Default for all of the variables and they will change to the blue
default value. If you ever need to change that global variable again,
you do it once and all the defaults will update--no need to copy each

Here's what it looks like for "Equip W/Area 1 (W/ft2)" with user

In the .inp file, the default value shows up at the beginning of the
section just once, but applies to all variables not overridden. Here's
the snippet from a sample .inp file.

$ *********************************************************
$ ** **
$ ** Floors / Spaces / Walls / Windows / Doors **
$ ** **
$ *********************************************************


Mark Nieman, PE, CEM

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