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I am submitting my first project to LEED and would like to know what type of
documentation is required.

The project is a small renovated area of a large building. We are applying for
CI V3 Silver. I have a baseline modeled to 90.1-2007 and the proposed model,
both in eQuest.

Thank you,

Paul Diglio

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Hi Paul,

at the very least you should provide the info that is in the attached
document. It was written for the earlier versions of LEED (prior to 2009),
but the content format is a good start to know that you are providing what
is required. Otherwise you should be able to log on to LEED online for your
project and submit your data directly into the worksheets there. It will
also tell you which files (sim files) you will need to upload to LEED online
for your model review.


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