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I'm at the planning stage for a LEED NC v 2009 compliance model. The
building is a university gymnasium with a main gym and two practice gyms.
The facility also contains locker rooms, a weight room, a sports medicine
area, offices, classrooms, and circulation spaces. The building has two
floors above grade, plus a basement mechanical room, with a floor area of
roughly 90,000 SF. Most of the facility is gymnasium space, the other
("non-predominant") uses do not individually total over 20,000SF in area.
The heating source is a campus steam loop fed by a central plant with
natural gas-fired steam boilers. Cooling is by a campus chilled water loop.
Based on G3.1.1 and table G3.1.1A, the required LEED baseline HVAC system
will be System 5-Packaged VAV with Reheat - DX cooling and Hot-water fossil
fuel boiler.

My read on this is that, for the LEED baseline, I will have two separate
system 5's, one for each floor, with a unit heater for the basement mech
room. Since the campus has central heating and cooling, do I use those
systems to provide heating & cooling sources for the LEED baseline, or do I
use DX cooling and a hot water fossil fuel boiler per table G3.1.1B?

Thanks in advance.


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