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I'm at the planning stage for a LEED NC v 2009 compliance model. The
building is a university gymnasium with a main gym and two practice gyms.
The facility also contains locker rooms, a weight room, a sports medicine
area, offices, classrooms, and circulation spaces. The building has two
floors above grade, plus a basement mechanical room, with a floor area of
roughly 90,000 SF. Most of the facility is gymnasium space, the other
("non-predominant") uses do not individually total over 20,000SF in area.
The heating source is a campus steam loop fed by a central plant with
natural gas-fired steam boilers. Cooling is by a campus chilled water loop.
Based on G3.1.1 and table G3.1.1A, the required LEED baseline HVAC system
will be System 5-Packaged VAV with Reheat - DX cooling and Hot-water fossil
fuel boiler.

My read on this is that, for the LEED baseline, I will have two separate
system 5's, one for each floor, with a unit heater for the basement mech
room. Since the campus has central heating and cooling, do I use those
systems to provide heating & cooling sources for the LEED baseline, or do I
use DX cooling and a hot water fossil fuel boiler per table G3.1.1B?

Thanks in advance.

Steven Savich, LEED AP

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USGBC released a document titled "Treatment of District or Campus
Thermal Energy in LEED v2 and LEED 2009 - Design & Construction" in
August of 2010. This has all of the guidance you'll need for creating
a baseline and proposed design energy model for your project (it's not
that fun). There are two options to show compliance, the first being a
building stand-alone scenario (most popular I'm guessing) and the second
an aggregate building/DES scenario. Both of your baseline and proposed
models would utilized purchased steam and chilled water per page 11 of
the guidelines. Here is a link to the guidelines:


Good luck with the simulation.


Andrew Craig PE, LEED AP

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Consult the USGBC website and look for the "Treatment of District or Campus Thermal Energy in LEED v2 and LEED 2009" document. This will guide you how you will end up modeling the baseline systems.

This document does not necessarily cover the baseline pump setup if you go for Option 1. For my submissions I tend to be conservative and go with the values described in Addendum AI of ASHRAE 90.1 2007.

It may also be useful to your LEED team to find the 2010 LEED Campus App Guide to see if any of the special campus rules apply to other credits.

Hope this helps,

Joe Lewis

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