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Has anyone figured out a solution to this error? I am getting the same
error on my project.



Has anyone seen this error before?

"Set system FAN-SCHEDULE to max zone sym idx: CRule:Eval() error posting

symbolic (value 2.67146e.297) result to BDL"

I get this error twice at the very end of the compliance analysis. It

appears to make the tool "bomb" as I don't get any DBL, INP or equest

project files for the LEED Baseline building.

All help appreciated.

Chris D. Mullinax, P.E., LEED AP, CEM

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I am also getting an error at the end of LEED Compliance Analysis and not
getting any files either, can anyone help with this ?

The error message is ' Table look-up failed:A901-07_Envelope(1,4)
evaluating rule: Look-up and default C-FFACTOR for slabs'

Thank you,


Shubha Mohunta, LEED Green Assoc.

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