LBNL Seminar - Commercial Building Energy Saver

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You're invited to attend this Energy Technologies Area (ETA) seminar,
taking place at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at 12:00pm
Thursday, July 2, 2015, at LBNL Bldg. 90, Room 3122.

*TITLE:* Commercial Building Energy Saver: An Energy Retrofit Analysis

*SPEAKER(S):* Mary Ann Piette, Tianzhen Hong, Yixing Chen, et al.

*LOCATION:* LBNL Bldg. 90, room 3122 (in Berkeley, California)

*DATE & TIME:* At 12:00pm, Thursday, July 2, 2015

*DESCRIPTION: *Small commercial buildings in the United States consume 47%
of the total primary energy of the buildings sector. However retrofitting
these buildings poses a huge challenge for small and medium-sized
enterprises as building owners usually lack the expertise and resources to
conduct on-site energy audit to identify and evaluate cost-effective energy
retrofit technologies. This seminar presents the Commercial Building Energy
Saver (CBES), an energy retrofit analysis toolkit, which calculates the
energy use of a building, identifies and evaluates retrofit measures in
terms of energy savings, energy cost savings and payback. The toolkit
provides a rich set of features as follows: (1) Energy Benchmarking
provides an ENERGY STAR score for the building and how it compares with
other peer buildings in California; (2) Load Shape Analysis identifies
potential building operation improvements using statistical analysis of the
building?s 15-minute interval electricity use data; (3) Preliminary
Retrofit Analysis searches a pre-simulated database for retrofit measures
based on investment criteria; and (4) the Detailed Retrofit Analysis
performs EnergyPlus simulations to evaluate energy savings of user
configurable energy conservation measures considering the actual building
characteristics and operation schedules. The CBES Toolkit includes a web
app ( for end users and the CBES Application Programming
Interface for integrating CBES with other energy software tools. The object
oriented software architecture of CBES enables its expansion to cover more
building types, more climates, and more building technologies in future.

*BIO:* Mary Ann Piette is the Director of the BTUS Division. She is a Staff
Scientist and the PI of the CEC sponsored CBES project. Tianzhen Hong is a
Staff Scientist and Deputy Lead of the Simulation Research Group. He is the
lead of the CBES software development. Yixing Chen is a postdoc and the
chief software developer of the CBES. Sang Hoon Lee is a Senior Scientific
Engineering Associate and the developer of the Database of Energy
Efficiency Performance (DEEP) for preliminary retrofit analysis. Rongpeng
Zhang is a postdoc and the developer of the web app for the detailed
retrofit analysis. Kaiyu Sun is a Scientific Engineering Associate and the
developer of the automatic model calibration for CBES. Sarah Taylor-Lange
is a postdoc and the coordinator of the CBES development. Phil Price is a
Staff Scientist and the developer of the load shape analysis. William Fisk
is a Senior Scientist and led the IEQ measurement task of the project.
Rengie Chan is a Research Scientist and the developer of qualitative impact
of retrofit measures on IEQ. Norman Bourassa is a Project Manager and led
the city partner demonstration task. Margarita (Gari) Kloss is a Program
Manager and the CBES project manager.

For further information about this seminar please contact Tianzhen Hong

A ReadyTalk Audio & Net conference will be offered during this event to
allow remote participants to phone in to listen, while viewing the
presentation via the website.
USA & Canada call-in number: 1 (866) 740-1260
International callers: Please visit this
website to see if a
toll-free call-in number is available for your international location. If
not, you will need to pay for the call yourself and use this phone
number: (303)
Ph. Access Code: 4864835#
Web Access Code: 4864835

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