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Sustainable Design Analyst
Kirksey is currently seeking a Sustainable Design Analyst.
Kirksey is one of Houston's leading architectural design firms specializing in architecture, interior design, master planning and sustainable design & consulting. The demands of these projects present unique opportunities for innovative design and the potential to make large impacts on energy consumption and more informed design practices and decisions.
The Analyst will work with our Ecoservices team to help evaluate building and system design strategies. The emphasis will be on using building and daylight simulation tools to help inform design, as well as document performance compared to accepted standards. The Analyst will also work to educate clients, architects and engineers on new technologies and innovative solutions. There will be opportunity to work with design engineers and develop better understanding and knowledge of the MEP consulting field.
The candidate should be an HVAC/Mechanical/Architectural/Energy Engineer and/or Energy Modeler with 1+ years of relevant experience using building simulation tools. Degree required. The candidate will have strong knowledge of TRNSYS, DOE-2, TRACE, or EnergyPlus. Experience with CFD and daylight modeling would be beneficial. Experience with HVAC systems and/or HVAC controls is beneficial. The candidate should have excellent abilities with MS Excel and PowerPoint. Candidate should be a creative thinker with effective communication and teamwork skills. The person would ideally be environmentally minded with an understanding of energy and climate change issues.
If you are interested in learning more about Kirksey and this opportunity, please respond to the contact below:

Brian M. Malarkey, AIA, LEED

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