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We are currently looking to hire an experienced energy modeler. Details
below. Note that geography is not necessarily a barrier. Thanks for

Chris Schaffner, PE

Sustainable Design Consulting
50 Beharrell Street
Concord, MA 01742
T: 978.369.8978
chris at

The Green Engineer, LLP is a sustainable design consulting firm located in
Concord, MA with expertise in cost effective, high-performance design. We
work with architects, builders, commercial owners, non-profits and the
government sector to provide consulting services around sustainable building
design, LEED certification, energy modeling, and more.

The Green Engineer, LLP, is seeking the right individual to provide energy
modeling and sustainable design consulting for our growing list of projects.
Projects range from office buildings, to high-tech laboratories and
hospitals, to schools.

Desired Interests and Experience:
? Degree in Engineering or related field
? 2 or more years of energy modeling experience using eQuest,
EnergyPlus, or similar software
? Experience with HVAC systems and mechanical drawings and
? Working knowledge of ASHRAE 90.1 and other relevant standards
? Familiarity with sustainable building practices and LEED and other
building certification programs
? Strong written and verbal communication skills
? Strong customer service instincts
? Experience with EnergyPlus and associated interfaces preferred
? LEED AP preferred

? Perform energy modeling and other analysis to evaluate building
designs and inform the integrated design process.
? Review project drawings and specifications to verify equipment and
materials for energy modeling
? Meet with clients to discuss sustainable design, energy reduction
strategies, and present energy analysis findings
? Carry out analysis and reporting to evaluate eligibility for various
utility incentives
? Perform LEED energy modeling
? Assist with other consulting and LEED duties as needed

Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience. Excellent
benefits. We offer a flexible schedule and encourage telecommuting. Work
from a remote location will be considered for the right person.

Send Resume, etc. to:
Christopher Schaffner, PE

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