Job Opportunity at Lawrence Berkeley Lab for Computational Research Scientist and Computational Postdoctoral Fellow

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The Building Technologies Department (BTD) within the EETD invites
applications for Computational Scientists (or Staff Scientists), and
Computational Postdoctoral Fellows to join their team. You will develop
the next generation of building energy modeling, simulation and analysis
tools for the design and operation of low energy buildings.

Incumbents will conduct research and implement and distribute the next
generation tools for building energy system and controls modeling,
simulation and analysis in support of the design and operation of very
low energy buildings. You will also develop and implement
object-oriented equation-based simulation models of building energy
systems and their control algorithms, link domain-specific simulation
programs to each other, and conduct simulation-based studies to analyze
the performance of integrated building control algorithms

Details are posted at:
(for the Scientist position) (for the Postdoc position)

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