Introducing EnergyPlus Training

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Introduction to EnergyPlus: Energy Simulation Software
November 18-19, 2009 | Wauwatosa, WI (near Milwaukee)
Presenter: Michael J. Witte, Ph.D., Principal Engineer, GARD Analytics, Inc.


November 18, 2009 (day one)

* EnergyPlus Overview
* Basics 1 - Running EnergyPlus using OpenStudio Plugin, Add Windows
* Building Envelope
* Auxiliary Tools, Global Inputs, and Outputs
* Basics 2 - Running EnergyPlus, Building Envelope and Internal Loads
* Daylighting and Ground Heat Transfer
* Ground Heat Transfer
* Daylighting
* Data Extraction
* HVAC Templates
* HVAC Unitary System and VAV using HVAC Templates

November 19, 2009 (day two)

* HVAC Overview, Zone Equipment
* HVAC Air Loops and Water Loops
* HVAC System Controls and Plant Equipment (HVAC Templates)
* HVAC Controls & Autosizing
* HVAC VAV System Example with Hot Water Boiler and Water-Cooled Chiller
* User Interfaces, Weather Data, Miscellaneous Features, and Support Resources
* General Discussion and Wrap-up
* HVAC System Controls and Plant Equipment

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