Internal Surface Conduction

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I am trying compare building models created with eQUEST and DOE21E and get the results to match. The DOE21E analyzed buildings have already been built.
In the LS-B and LS-C reports, 21E shows Internal Surface Conduction gains (proportional to the floor area so it must be from the ceiling plenum) but eQ does not (eQ defaults were used for floor and ceiling and interior air-walls were specified for others). Ceiling-U value for 21E was 0.5 and eQ used 0.514. Why is the ISC for eQ = 0?
The bldg has 24 typical floors - upper and lower floors with a floor multiplier of 12. How would you prevent eQ from creating GRD, MID and TOP floors for upper and lower resulting in 6 typical identical floors. At the NW and SE corners are atriums 3 floors high. How would you create this in eQ quickly? The attachment shows a schematic of the building.

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