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Hi Everyone,

Some of you may know, and some may not, that I have moved from Portland to
Vancouver BC, and accepted a job at Cobalt Engineering. My position here is
Senior Energy Analyst and my job duties will remain much the same as they
always were.

I have been offering eQUEST training to clients with a wide variety of
experience levels for some time now. I have never felt comfortable with
blatant advertising on the list-serv before, so I tend to answer requests
for training off-line. At this point in time, however, I don?t think it
serves the list-serv to not provide this information, and I encourage others
to do so too.

Lately, most of what I have been doing are 1-on-1 remote and onsite training
and small group onsite training sessions. I have used GoToMeeting
successfully for the remote training. In the past, I have also trained
larger groups and am still willing to continue to provide that service, too.
Up until now, I have traveled to the client to provide that training. At
Cobalt, however, we have lovely meeting rooms so if clients wanted to come
to Vancouver, BC, they would be welcome.

By virtue of training small groups of people, the topics we cover are
generally customized to meet the client?s needs. I do not have a set agenda
of items to cover; instead we use an iterative process with the client to
develop an agenda of topics specifically for them. These topics can range
from how and when to create a new shell, how to best use the wizards and
detailed edit modes, how to evaluate defaults, how to create custom curves,
how to read and work in the building description language (BDL) found in the
input file, how to select reports pertinent to a project and how to read
them, and how to use the refrigeration commands.

Our training fees are roughly equivalent to the fees I have seen posted
online and that I have personally paid other trainers to train me. I highly
recommend that you all attend an eQUEST training given by Marlin Addison and
Steve Gates at least once. No one knows eQUEST better than them. I also am
quite sure that the training at the Energy Center of Wisconsin are good, and
based on her patient and thorough answers to your questions online, I am
sure that training provided by Pasha Korber Gonzalez would also be
excellent. Sorry to leave others out, I just don?t have experience with

If any of you want additional information from me, please feel free to email
me at cgardner at, cmg750 at, or call me at (604)
687-1800, extension 254.


Carol Gardner PE

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Word to the wise. Before you engage anyone to provide eQuest training I suggest
you look up that person's responses to forum questions and review the comments
others make to those answers. There are some members that advertise themselves
as experts, but their knowledge of eQuest, LEED and ASHRAE 90.1 is minimal.

While I do not offer training, I do offer peer reviews of eQuest projects. I
can provide references, upon request from projects in North America and the
Middle East. Please fell free to contact me via my personal e-mail.

Thank you,

Paul Diglio

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