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IBE Consulting Engineers (IBE) is an established architectural
engineering firm specializing in providing innovative mechanical,
electrical, plumbing engineering and fire protection services. IBE
provides sustainable, cost effective engineering designs that integrate
the engineering components with the building design and architecture.
Our approach to building design involves understanding the building
site, architecture and program to produce a design that enhances and
contributes to creating a sustainable built environment. IBE has a
varied workload including high profile museums, laboratories,
commercial, and academic facilities located throughout the United States
and in Paris, France with several projects internationally. In recent
years, IBE's has won several awards for its work on sustainable building

A building simulation engineer in the Advanced Technology Group (ATG)
must have demonstrated practical experience, competence, and proven
expertise in evaluating state-of-the-art building energy-efficiency
technologies and managing sustainable design assistance projects. He or
she must be experienced with hourly simulation software programs and
industry-accepted engineering methods for evaluating energy performance
and should be fully capable of performing all aspects of whole-building
energy analysis associated with completing sustainable design projects.
In addition, s/he must be able to provide quality assurance review of
analysis methods, simulation results, and project deliverables. The
candidate must be a team player willing to contribute to and build
energy analysis group methods, knowledge, and capabilities. S/he should
have a strong background in the design and operation of mechanical
heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems and knowledge
of the specialized HVAC requirements of highly technical facilities.
Candidates should have experience working within the architectural
design process and understand design team members' roles, perspectives,
and analysis needs. A holistic understanding of whole building and
mechanical systems and a strong commitment to state-of-the-art design
innovations are essential.

Essential Responsibilities:

The building simulation engineer will be a member of Advanced Technology
Group (ATG) within IBE Consulting Engineers Typical duties may include
(but are not limited to) the following:

o Support the ATG in delivering and documenting green building
technologies and strategies for their projects with focus on analysis of
energy, day lighting and/or air flow modeling of building and master
planning projects.

o Perform detailed energy modeling, evaluation of complicated
building systems, and life-cycle-cost analysis;

o Provide clear and well-written memorandums, and reports to
various clients (building owners, architects, engineers) regarding
project specific energy performance and modeling results;

o Conduct quality assurance reviews to ensure engineering quality
and accurate technical content of project-related documents;

o Meet / contact clients as appropriate to discuss energy
analysis methods, results and recommendations;

o Prepare analyses, calculations and reports to support
energy-related LEED components;

o The building simulation engineer will be expected to become a
LEED Accredited Professional if not already, and to remain current on
issues related to sustainable and green building design, US Green
Building activities, and the various versions of the LEED Green Building
Rating System.

o The building simulation engineer will also be expected to
assist in the development and implementation of an internal
sustainability and green building training curriculum for the firm as a


* Must have a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Architecture/

* Expertise in complex building mechanical systems and
state-of-the-art energy efficiency technologies/ applications;

* 2-5 yrs energy modeling experience with DOE-2(eQUEST), IES Virtual
Environment, TRNSYS, E-Plus or other detailed hourly simulation;

* Demonstrated experience with additional simulation software
programs such as Ecotect, Radiance and/or computational fluid dynamic
software. BIM experience preferable (Revit Digital Projects or 3D
modeling programs)
* Demonstrated knowledge of sustainable and green building design
and/or construction. Experience in designing/evaluating state-of-the-art
sustainable design technologies for commercial new construction that
might include: natural ventilation, mixed-mode ventilation, solar
cooling, etc.
* Preferred to be a licensed architect or professional engineer or
approaching end of licensing process.
* 2 or more years of increasing responsibility in all phases of
design and technical architecture and/or engineering.
* Demonstrated knowledge and use of the USGBC's LEED Green
Building Rating System (NC, EB, CI, etc) and/or other green building
rating systems. Preferred to be LEED Accredited.
* Demonstrated ability to perform independent research on
environmentally preferred alternative materials and strategies for
building design, construction and operation.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills and commitment
to work within the integrated design team structure.

Please fax or e-mail resume/coverletter in MS Word or Adobe pdf format

Patrick Wilkinson, B.Sc. ENG, LEED(r) AP

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