HVAC Inputs

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I am new to eQuest and to this list serve. Can anyone help me configure my first project?
1) The baseline model is using rooftop units - DX coils with gas furnace for heating and the respective zones will have VAV boxes with electric reheat. 2)?The first?alternate run will have the same rooftop units- DX gas furnace?and VAV boxes but with hot water coil reheat(instead of electric)?and a condensing boiler. 4) The?third alternate run will have the same setup but with an energy recovery system.
Wizard screen 1?or 19 are not giving me the options for these setups. In the EEM(SD&DD) Whole Site Building option , when ever I change the VAV reheat?the main rooftop unit heating, which sould remain as gas furnace,?changes as well. I'd really appreciate your help.

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