How to understand WSHP Rated Performance Correction Factors?

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Hi dear all,

Please see below picture. Now I used "PVVT" system to simulate fresh air heat recovery, but the performance curves changed to " GSHP/WLHP_*", not "HP_*". I watched item help "Water-Loop and Geothermal Heat Pump Systems", Table 51. Because my system is use boiler and fluid cooler, so I use the correction factors to multiplier cooling/heating Capacity and EIR. Not consider of fresh air heat recovery, the resulte decreased almost 5% from using "WLHP" system. But if not multiplier the correction factors, the resulte increased than using "WLHP" system.

How to understand the correction factors? Should I use it?

Anyone knows please help me. Thank u!!!

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Fiona Xiang

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