How to Model a MAU/exhaust fan system (eQuest)

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Hello fellow eQuest users. I am having an issue modeling a system that is made up of an exhaust fan sequenced to a 100% OA make-up air unit. Since we need to include cooling in the model of this system I currently have it modeled as a packaged single-zone system with a 2-speed motor in it. I feel this is the best representation of what our design system would be, after adding cooling to it. The problem is, I am getting what seems to me to be overly aggressive ventilation energy and cooling energy savings. The cooling energy consumption of my design system is about 20% of what the code case is (code system is a Sys5, VAV with DX cooling and fossil fuel boilers) and the ventilation energy of the design system is only 33% of what the code case is. These seem to be unrealistically large energy savings, and I feel USGBC will not accept them. Does anyone have experience with a system like this?

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