Heating Capacities of FC Units

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Greetings once again,

Trying to troubleshoot other problems, I was going over the SV-A report
and to my suprise discovered that the heating capacities I have entered
individually at each zone level for my FCU units have been modified by
eQuest. They have all been more or less tripled.

The cooling capacities, on the other hand, have stayed the same as I have
entered them for each zonal unit.

I thought eQuest would use the heating capacities when you enter them

Am I following the right procedure here? I have also entered the design
flows for each zone taking the max. flow from FCU specifications. Outside
air flows have been determined by ASHRAE 62.1 calculations and have been
entered individually for each zone. Outside air is provided by SZRH system
with a dummy zone.

I am sending some screenshots to give you an idea.

Thanks for any help,

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Check to see if you are using floor multipliers. I have had issues where
the floor multiplier doesn't apply properly to fixed capacities. If you have
a 12000 btu fan coil but it is multiplied 3 times you may need to enter
36,000 btu.

Thomas Serra

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Also set your altitude to 0 or your cfms will be affected.

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