Heat Gain Computation

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I am modelling an unconditioned building & want to find out the heat gains
in the building.

I tried generating hourly reports from the 'building loads' tab & 'Space'
tab. I only got results in the 'Space' Tab for criterion such as 'Quick Wall
Conduction Gain', 'Quick Roof Conduction Gain'....etc. In addition to these
'Gain' values there are certain 'Load' values which i don't quite
understand...so in a nut shell i want to know

a) How to find Heat Gains/Effective Plant Load required for a space (the
space may be conditioned, in that case i would also need the efficiency
factors )
b) What do the load values mean in the 'Space' tab of the hourly report
blocks (plz see the attached pic for reference.).

Any help regarding this will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,


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