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In partnership with Arup and Argos Analytics, IES are pleased to announce the availability of WeatherShift future climate data generation for use in building energy simulation at a 75% reduced cost to the energy simulation community.

"Users will now be able to purchase WeatherShift future weather data by specifying a location, emissions scenario, and future time period through the IES website at www.iesve.com. Arup and Argos will then provide the purchaser customized future weather data generated by adjusting historical weather data based on climate projections run for the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report. The data can be used to simulate building and urban performance under future climate conditions and enables designers to develop strategies for readying buildings to respond to potential impacts and maintain their core services."

Details and ordering are available here: WeatherShift Future Climate Files

Full Press Release: WeatherShift Press Release

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