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In the fuel?utility charges interface,?I?input?0.793 $ / therm as the uniform charges for LPG. I'm confused why in the BDL Report ES-D Energy Cost Summary, the units appearing are in gallons with the same utility rate? why is it not in therms???Anyone experience this? what's the relationship between?the gallons unit?and the value i input (0.793 $ / therm) as uniform charges?

I attached the ES-D Report and the fuel?utility charges interface.

Thank in advance.

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A gallon of LPG is nearly one therm so I wouldn't be surprised if it is
calculated one-to-one in eQUEST. Go to the BEPS report and find the
total energy for FM2, given in MBTU. Convert to therms (multiply by 10).
Divide your charges for FM2 shown on ES-D by the therms and compare to
the rate you entered.


William Bishop, EIT, BEMP, LEED(r) AP

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