Friday TRACE tutorial

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Hi All-

I'm sure some of you already have ways of doing this, but if you have a
redundant task in TRACE, you can waste your entire weekend on something as
simple as deleting all of the partitions in a model. Not all tasks can be
done in the component tree view, as many of you may know.

So, if you have about 35 minutes today, or this weekend, I posted the full
tutorial on how I automate tasks in TRACE 700. I didn't get too detailed
since most automation is simple.

It really works for anything, people actually set this up to play video
games for them - which is.... maybe a conundrum, but good practice.

Anyone else have any tips on automation? I know of certain macros, but I
think this method is easier to pick up without knowing how to code.

We could probably make a library for automating certain tasks.



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