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To eQuest Users,

Good Day!

We are?generating unsual results with one of our model with?regards to unmet load hours.

Is it possible that in proposed design, all spaces (not even one space was below 100)?to have 500+ unmet load hours each?
All the required inputs as per equipment schedule are already encoded in the model.
Seeing the sizes of the equipment in an engineering point of view?were oversized by around 10% to 15%.
Even the baseline (though a little lower than the proposed) has unaccpetable unmet load hours.

This could have been discussed before, but looking for this discussion in the forum with the right information we need?may take a?longer time.

What are the usual/S.O.P procedures in counter-checking the model that?we need to do to bring down the unmet load hours to acceptable level?
What parameters do we need to check and correct?

We are in the final stage of our energy model, immediate and workable solutions that will be provided will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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I'm not super familiar with e-Quest, but if you bring up the properties
of some component, then right-click as if to bring up the help. Select
'Tutorials and Reference', then 'Detailed Simulation Reports Summary
(pdf)'. I've found this document to be helpful.

Good luck.

Caleb B.

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