FCU VAV FCU fan controls

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I am "trying " comparing two systems:
A typical FCU:
minimum fresh air provided within the Air handling unit and local
cooling provided with the FCU. The flow rate in the FCU has then to be
constant flow. The chilled water volume will fluctuate to respond to the

A FCU/VAV system:
Minimum fresh air provided within the AHU and on one floor of the
building only few (4 instead of 40 FCU for example) small AHU which
would be VAV. So effectively the fan consumption and cooling load
should reduce as it would respond to the load.

I have been playing with several parameters (minimum fan control,
minimum flow ratio,...) in the detailed mode but they do not seem to
affect the result at all. Some help would be appreciated.
It might be extremely basic but at the moment nothing seems to work.

Thanks in advance

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