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New eQuest user just trying to do some preliminary parametric analysis.
As part of the analysis I need to export the hourly data to Excel.

I see the "Export Hourly Results" under the File menu is ghosted and
unavailable in my model. What steps do I need to take to get this
unghosted so I can export the hourly data?


Nathan Kegel LEED AP

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have you run your model yet?


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Look at your .sim file for your project. In the upper right hand corner
there is a Hourly Results button. That button sends you to an excel file
with all your hourly data.

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Hello Nathan,

First you need to set up the hourly report blocks for the variables you want results for.

1. In detail mode, click on the "Project & Site" tab.

2. Under Hourly Report Blocks, right-click on one of the existing blocks and choose "Create another hourly report block".

3. Choose "create from scratch" and name the hourly report block.

4. Pick a category and check at least one variable from the list. Click Done (you can select more variables later).

5. eQUEST will bring you to the hourly report screen. You must assign your newly created report block to an hourly report for eQUEST to tabulate it when the model is run. Hourly reports consist of hourly report blocks which consist of variables, similar to the way annual schedules consist of weeks which consist of day schedules.

6. Click on "Hourly Report". The check boxes on the right show which hourly report blocks are assigned to that hourly report. Check the box next to your new hourly report block. Each hourly report will be exported as a single file containing all of its report blocks and variables so I recommend unchecking any report blocks that you don't really need. You can also create new hourly reports which contain only certain report blocks.

Kelsey Van Tassel

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