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Hi all,

I have a quick question about defining Evaporative coolers in eQUEST. In eQUEST version 3.64 when we select cooling source as "Evaporative coolers" with different heating options the system type list includes two types :

1- Direct evaporative cooler ...

2- Indirect/Direct evaporative cooler.
However, in equest version 3.65 the system type list is exactly the same as the one we have when we select "chilled water coils + Hot water coils" as source of cooling and heating. This means that the evaporative coolers system type list has a bug in the new version and does not let us choose evaporative cooler for HVAC system.

Has anybody encountered this problem? And is there any fix for it?

Sara Nikoofard

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I am not following your question. I can select Evaporative Cool as System Type in the Basics dialog. If I do select Evaporative Cool, then in the Evaporative Cooling tab, I can select Indirect, Indirect/Direct or Direct.

On the other hand, if I select a different system type, then I can go to the Preconditioner tab to select Add-On Evaporative Cooling. Here the options are again Indirect, Indirect/Direct or Direct.

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Hi Chris,

I think my version has problem then because I cannot select indirect, direct. I will reinstall it to see what is wrong then.

Thanks for the reply.

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I guess you selected DOE2.3 as your simultation engine,you can revised it through Tools menu.

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I am experiencing the same issue as Sara. I too am using eQuest 3.65 (build 7173) and when I switch to Evaporative Cooling source the HVAC System Types do not change accordingly. Yonqing, I tried changing from DOE 2.3 to 2.2 as you suggested however I was still unable to see the correct System Types for Evaporative Cooling. Was anyone able to come up with a solution for this?


Anish Anand

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