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Hi All,
Whether the Energy recovery wheel should only reduce the
cooling kwh or fan kwh also along with cooling kwh . as far as cooling
energy is concern it is sure it will come down but i am not sure about
fan energy effect by ERV.


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depends on how you control the erv. an uncontrolled erv (i.e. erv fans
on all the time when unit supply fan is on) will probably use more fan
energy than is saved in cooling or heating energy. at a minimum setting
the erv fans to operate based on a delta t w/the outdoor air is required
to demonstrate erv energy savings. or delta enthalpy depending on your
wheel type.

if you look at the march issue of ashrae journal it has an article on
how to control a total enthalpy wheel and save money - and it makes the
point of having the fans (supply/exhaust) and wheel run all the time
can/will add energy cost to your building.

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