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*Dear Deepika,*


*In evaporative cooling where there is no mechanical cooling cycle, the heat
gains of the building are absorbed by the evaporatively cooled outside air
(with a relatively high RH than outside air). Unlike in mechanical cooling
where supply air temperature or flow rate is adjusted to suit the building
heat gains (i.e. actual cooling loads), evap coolers have their supply air
conditions getting adjusted based on condition of the supply air and the
saturation efficiency of the cooler which strongly depends on the supply air
flow rate. These systems use large air exchange rates and positive pressure
systems which which usually do not get controlled in relations to the
building heat gains as in mechanically cooled systems. Thus the impact of
the window change will not be present in the "space cooling energy". But any
relevant change could be observed in internal space temp & RH values
together with change in unmet cooling hours.*


*This is my understanding on EC systems.




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Hello all

I am modeling a building in Bridgeport, CA which has evaporative coolers.

I dont see any benefits if I replace existing clear glass with low-e in
cooling energy consumption.

Did anyone model evaporative coolers/swamp coolers before?

I want to know whether there is a way to show cooling benefit with such HVAC



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