eQUEST T24 Rpt - different capacities

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I have a building that passes T24 in eQUEST, but the capacities for the Central Fan Summary, and the Domestic Water Heater Summary don't match my inputs into the model. Does anyone have any experience with fixing this, or can explain to me why this might be OK? Here are the discrepancies:

Actual/Modeled/T24 Rpt Capacities [cfm]:
Supply Fan: 2 @ 33,200/66,400/38,180
Return Fan: 2 @ 29,500/39,000/44,850

Modeled capacities are the SUPPLY-FLOW and RETURN-FLOW, with the C-SUP-FAN-QTY and C-RET-FAN-QTY equal to 2. Everything is at sea-level.

for DHW, there are 54 instantaneous electric water heaters which have a total capacity of 1.297 MBtu/h, but the form lists it as 24,019 MBtu/h.


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