eQuest SV-A extraction rate/addition rate

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Hi All,
I'm trying to figure out exactly what the values listed on report SV-A for
heat extraction and addition rate represent. For a VAV reheat system, I
understand that "Heating Capacity" is the capacity of the terminal heating
equipment, which includes the heat required to make up for the following:

envelope losses (including infiltration)
ventilation air
reheating of the supply air

I am unclear as to what the "extraction rate" and "addition rate"
represent. The help states that the addition rate is the rate of heat
addition at design conditions, but the addition rate listed in my reports is
almost half the heating capacity for all spaces. It seems that if the
addition rate is listed for design conditions, then the addition rate should
be close to the heating capacity. Can anyone shed some light on the

Thanks in advance,


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