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What programs or courses exist to get more familiarised with eQuest?Cant seem to find anything, Im taking the tutorial but I would like more training, anything you recommend? I live in Toronto, Canada and im Interested in Energy Modelling Simulation. I have seen the energy-models courses online, what are your opinions on that? My intent is to pursue EMS as a career, I recently graduated as a Civil Engineer and want to specialise in the Energy field. Thank you in advance.
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We recorded part of our eQUEST training from a few years ago. It's based on version 3-64, but many of the basic things about the DD wizard are still applicable to the newer versions. For details see http://www.ecw.org/university/webinars/equestddwizard2012.

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See website below for eQUEST IIT-Chicago Seminar Notes in 2008:



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