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I would kindly ask for information please.

I am doing energy modeling for LEED EAc1 complinace in Energy Pro. It is a mixed use building (retail and residential). The HVAC system is as follows: ?for RETAIL: ?Unconditioned fresh air is supplied by roof mounted supply fan (SF) to the zone where? one portion is mixed with ?indoor air and ?introduced to the indoor unit of split electrically driven heat pump. The other portion of the fresh air is supplied around kitchen hood serving as an air curtain and?exhaust is by kitchen hoods. For residential - electrical baseboard heaters only + natural ventilation.

Corridors are not conditioned but just ventilated (fresh air supply + exhaust for each corridor per floor)
My?concerns are as follows?.
1) ?How to model retail HVAC system? One room is one zone.
My approach would be:
@ system level/Split DX/Heating and Cooling capacity of outdoor unit/ Enter fan cfm and HP for outdoor unit as per cut sheet
@ zone level/ zonal system/select variable refrigerant flow (just to account for heating and cooling capacity), enter heating and cooling capacity of indoor unit / fan tab enter cfm from ?fan cut sheet (mixed air)
@ room level/ exhaust fan tab/ enter cfm being exhausted (to account kitchen hoods)
How to model SF? Perhaps to include additional zone and room, where internal loads are zero, room is unconditioned with cfm and HP entered @ zone level? ??
2) How to model electrical baseboard heaters? One room is one zone.
My approach would be: @ system level , select any system without heating/cooling. At zone level, select e.g. VAV box and put Heating Output only.
3) How to model ventilation for corridors?. One zone includes corridors on several levels
My approach would be:
@ system level: select any system without heating/cooling, no input for fan
@zone level/ select e.g. VAV box or diffuser/ enter air supply cfm ?but without heating/cooling
@ room level/ exhaust fan tab/ enter cfm being exhausted

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