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Hello to you all,

I am struggling with a simulation, the thing is that I have to model a swimming pool and don't now were to start. 

I have inserted the basic stuff into trace, walls windows, but how do I model the swimming pool, the evaporation, the losses from the water to the ambient and etc.


Thanks to you all....

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This actually isn't too difficult to model in TRACE 700. Getting the correct numbers is another story.

Model the pool as a misc load, but you need to make a custom misc load to account for both sensible and latent heat.

  1. Go to libraries, internal and airflow loads
  2. Select Misc loads from the type
  3. Select "New"
  4. Then you have to give it a name and give it the appropriate load information. making sure to select that the load isn't 100% sensible.

You can get the loads from ASHRAE 1999 applications, chapter 4 page 6. Use equation 2.  [ASHRAE Applications 2011 5.6]

Now, if you can get the information from say a manufacturer, you won't have to do these calculations. However, they aren't that difficult, but the important part is that you can enter them as a custom misc load (accounting for both sensible and latent heat).

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Did Bob's answer help you, Leandro?

I've only did this once many moons ago, but I think I can dredge up my calc to provide a proceedure for you from start-finish. Bob, I think this person may need just alittle more explaination about the latent only load as a misc load. Leandro, there's a way to develope a misc load in the Libraries, that will ask "of the 64,000 BTU's, how much is latent 100%, and how much is sensible 0%" this would give you the water vapor energy only to impose on your system. The sensible will come from the room itself.

From what I remember, there was a table of values I used to get the water vapor energy from ASHRAE's books.


Hope I didn't confuse the matter, but just chiming in.

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hello again,

What is the energy meter if I chose to do the simulation by entering values in "misc"

thanks ...

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