Rotate the whole model so it is true north?

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I had a designer setup a trace model for me but the orientation is wrong. For example, currently all north walls are facing project north and not true north which is off about 40 deg.  Instead of going thru a hundred rooms and changing the direction degrees, could I instead change the overall degree of the project somewhere?  I think I remember doing this in EnergyPro.


Thanks for the help

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I bleieve you can move the whole building's orientation when you click on calculate>Load Paramters>Building orientation. You should click on the calculate button in the project navigator and be able to find the "Load Parameters" button on the right of the Calculate window. on the left side you can then see a building orientation set from North.  This orientation uses the same directions as the wall orientations (N=0 E=90 S=180 W=270). you can also press f1 on this screen to get a better understanding.

Hope that helps

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