TRACE700 Crash with RTS(Heat Balance Method)

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I have a unique issue (at least to me it is unique).

Upon pressing the calculate button, the simulation begins, then right after the simulation identifies each room: the TRACE program closes/crashes with out any error message. It crashes at the same point in the simulation every time.

The unique aspect is the fact that it only crashes when I use the "RTS(Heat Balance Method)" for cooling. When I use the TETD-TA1 method, it runs fine. Is there something intrinsically different between these two that would cause a crash in one but not the other?

The point that it crashes is as soon as the simulation tries to calculate the weather information on Alternative 1. Again this is right after it initializes each room and as soon as it starts the "Design" load. (I am assume this based on what the status dialog and progress bar displays at the point of the crash). And again there is no error message.

Has anyone experienced this? Or does anyone have a hint that could help me? I suspected that it was the Weather file or overrides, but I tried using different ones with out success.

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