Population Diversity

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Maybe it's a function of living in a (relatively) remote part of the northeast, but when we use ASHRAE 62.1 people density numbers we come out with way more people than will ever end up in our building (and spaces).  I understand part of this is because of Diversity (i.e. a conference room needs to be designed for 20 people - people that won't be in the offices that we design for having a person in them at the same time).  With that said - I know there is a population diversity input in Trace under the coils tab.  It doesn't appear however to do much.  When we put in a percentage (and our Ps to Sum of PZ is usually between 20% and 30%) it doesn't appear to affect the Ashrae 62 calculation or the number of people in the system.  So the question is two fold:

1) Have other people run into issues with quantities of people

2) How are people inputting diversity?  I suppose the "correct" way to do it would be to create schedules.  Seems like this would be some what a challenge.  Are people using this approach?

Thanks for your thoughts

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