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Anybody out there regularly importing GBXML into trace for load or energy analysis. What software are you using to create the file to import? How well does the import work? What pitfalls and lessons learned can you share?


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[Revit content] A common error we found was that we needed to assign a building type and zip code within Revit before exporting to GBXML. It seems that the Cad programs get really, I mean really detailed. If you have banding along the exterior for aestetics it's a new wall (1ft tall)...if a hotel room has a closet and bathroom (typically they do, hahaha) each room is a room, unless someone in Cad can redifine the space or copy the model off and remove the little rooms so it is the one room separated by partions (this will also remove the 100's of partitions). Have all spaces tagged/numberes to name the spaces for you with the import into Trace. Keep it simple before exporting.

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I have done several imports. The most common issue is that "space dividers" end up as walls (when they are in fact interior dividers only). You may need to work with the cad person to make sure those get removed (as they should be) Other issues include phantom missing plenum spaces (though that is on the gbxml side). However, it is very common to get a bunch of extra walls (usually the space divider issue) but they can easily be deleted by using a program such as xml spy, which offers a free trial that is fully functioning. Keep in mind that "curved" walls will be brought in as many small flat walls (so don't be surprised if you have a room with a bunch of walls when it is in fact 1 curved wall). I know there are people that do this more than I have, and have architects that help them, and it would be great to get them involved in this discussion. CDS has some documents on their page that are somewhat helpful, but they don't seem to solve some of the issues. Gotta keep in mind that this issue is in its infancy. Gbxml is basically a new(er) language so things have not been fully defined.
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