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Hello All -

I am entering the data for a 60 floor building in equest. I had to return
back to the wizard mode after doing a lot of work in the detailed mode
since the client wanted lots of changes in the zoning.

It is an exisiting building. My question is:

How do I create different zones for cooling and heating?

The 60 floor building has 15 different floor plans(hence i have 15
different shells entered). I am able to enter all of shell data but am
stuck at the zoning. If I have to create different zones for cooling and
heating please suggest the best method to do this. I am under tight
deadlines, would appreciate some quick advice. Thank you in advance.

*I will be able to mail the eQuest file if required for reference.*

Below are some details on the building system and the zoning required:

*NOTES for Zones:*

7-18 floor ( 7 zones in total)

NE and NW and South are perimeter, Steam Radiation zones (please verify
this information from spreadsheet)

4 AHUs from 7-18 floor cool the floors. This is a VAV chilled water with
preheat coil. Cooling source is mentioned below.

19-24 same 3 perimeter zones as the heating zones of the below floor. For
Cooling 3 AHUs for core. The perimeter zones are Steam Radiators.

25-34 same 3 perimeter heating zones.

For cooling 2 AHUs per floor, hence 2 zones.

All cooling up to 25th Floor is Primary chilled water from one of the 3

- 1300 ton chiller

-400 ton electric chiller on moderate mode

-cooling tower and Plate Heat Exchanger

- sensible only cooling on small loads.

All cooling from 25th Floor is secondary chilled water via Plate Heat
Exchanger supplied from one of the 3 sources above.

35- 56 Another heating zone. All perimeter heat is ONE zone. 1 AHU for the
CORE zone per floor.

57-Roof ONE perimeter heating zone. 1 AHU for the Core zone per floor.

Hence for HEATING:

Riser 1: 6-34 NE

Riser 2: 6-34 NW

Riser3: 6-34 S

Riser 4: *[Bryan] *35-56 entire floor

Riser 5: 57 - Roof Entire Floor.


6-34 (3 zones)

35-56 (1zone)

57-roof (1 zone)


7-18 (4 AHU)

19-24(3 AHU)

25-34 (2AHU, chilled water goes through heat exchanger and secondary
chilled water.

35- above (1 AHU) per floor.

Cooling is VAV chilled water preheat coil and water side economizer with
Plenum Return

Below 7th floor floor they are return ducts and return fans. Hot water
perimeter induction units.Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger on 5th floor.

*- Pranita *

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