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Hello All,

I am working on water source heat pump supported by a boiler to take care of the heating needs when the Outside air temperature touches 45F. But i am not sure hot to set this settings. Also i dont see the boiler starting. All the heating is provided by the WSHP. Please advice..Thanks...

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Hey Fareed-


It would be best if you attached your file. I understand that may not be possible due to privacy concerns:


There are usually two simple reasons I check for in this scenario:


1) Does your building even need heat? Try switching to DX for cooling only and see if the boiler operates much. (Sometimes the internal loads are "over-estimated" and they offset heating requirements


2) The next thing to check is the minimum loop temperature (that is the point when the boiler kicks on). You may want to raise that. It is in one of the later screens in the plant wizards.


If those two things don't fix it, I think that you will need to post your file!

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