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I am looking for weather data for Misawa Japan. I know I can convert data from energy plus files to .bin files but there is not currently any data for anywhere in the region of Misawa. Does anyone know any other good sources for weather data?

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*Jeremiah D. Crossett*

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We have used Autodesk's Green Building Studio service to obtain weather
files for all sorts of locations. I know it's not free and not
inexpensive either, but you could use it if you already have access to


Ritwik Kakati, LEED Green Associate

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Hi Charles,

If your analysis allows a bin data spreadsheet approach, you could generate several years of daily data, compile it, and then convert it to bin format. Using Wunderground, Hachinohe Airforce Base is a geographically similar station found nearby.

Additional data, including monthly means and averages for Hachinohe AB is available here:

Best of luck,

Eric Boxer, EIT

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