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Nov. 18, 2016


*New ?typical year? weather files for 119 Mexican locations now available*

MX2015 is anew set of ?typical year? weather files for 119 Mexican locations produced
using the same raw data source, i.e., NCEI?s (formerly NCDC) Integrated Surface Hourly
Database (ISD), and software method used in creating the IWEC2 weather files. The 119
locations represents all the weather stations in Mexico with at least eight years of
datain the 15-year period 2001-2015 judged of sufficient data density to produce hourly
weather files.Following a procedure first tested in 2012 for California?s CZ2010 weather
files, WBT is also importing satellite-derived solar radiation data from NREL?s National
Solar Radiation Data Base. Therefore, the data quality of the MX2015 files should match
that of any other currently available data set.This work was motivated in large part by
Dr. Christopher Heard of the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, who had asked WBT to
archive all available weather data going back to 1975 as part of a research study on
Climate Change in Mexico.

The entire set of 119 weather files can be purchased online for $150 (BINM), $175 (EPW),
$225 (both).Individual MX2015 files are also available for $35 each. Although the files
were uploaded in early November, the weather.whiteboxtechnologies.com web site is
currently being upgraded, so until Jan. 1, 2017 please send any questions or requests to
yjhuang at whiteboxtechnologies.com

*List of 119 locations in the MX2015 ?Typical Year? data set for Mexico 2001-2015*


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