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the parallel fan powered VAV consist of a main fan in the AHU and small parallel fans in the VAV boxes.
so how should these fans be simulated in equest?
Shall the main fan be set as the return fan, and the parallel fans be set as the supply fan?
Thanks a lot!

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The parallel fan-powered boxes have their own power allotment once you
get into the Detailed Edit mode. It is under the Air-Side HVAC tab.
Click on a zone and then the Air Flow tab. This screen will show you
all of the information regarding the Zone Terminal unit and Fans.
ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Appendix G specifies 0.35 W/CFM for parallel
fan-powered boxes.

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In eQUEST, when you select Fan Powered Boxes each zone has an edit box for
inputting the hp and flow of the PFP


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