Plenum Load in LS-C (Building Peak Load)

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Dear eQUEST Users,

I am presently doing a energy modeling of manufacturing industry with
eQUEST. Building specifications are total height of the building is 20 ft.
but conditioned height is up to 11 ft only . By using Multi level space
(Atrium)option in eQUEST creates two spaces one is conditioned space(lower
portion) and second one is plenum space(upper portion)by default. My
question is in LS-C(Building peak load component)report there is no plenum
space load considered (i.e there is no roof conduction load) where this load
considered in this type of simulation. As per my observation plenum
temperature and space temperature both are same so there is no heat transfer
from plenum to space. I am reducing the roof load using radiant barrier but
the effect of this reduction where I can see in detailed report and how it
impacts on space cooling load reduction.

Please share any solution to my problem .

Thanks in advance



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