Hourly Relative Humidity for HVAC system

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Hi all, 

I'm trying get relative humidity readings for an HVAC unit. It's a simple PSZ unit with cooling coils for dehumidification. 

I've got the following hourly reports: Return air humidity ratio (lb H20/lb dry air), Mix air humidity ratio (lb H20/lb dry air), Humidity ratio of air leaving cool coil (lb H20/lb dry air), and Humidity ratio at saturation at coil surface temp. Each report has a range of 0 - 20% for the year (in Boston, which doesn't seem accurate), but the SS-N report (Relative Humidity Summary) shows that most of the year is in the 30-70% range which seems more accurate than what the hourly reports are showing. 

I'm wondering if it's a bug, or I'm not reading something/understanding things correctly. 

I am thinking I may need to generate a few other reports and do some calculations to get the RH%, but I'm not sure. 

Any help would greatly be appreciated. 


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