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Hi Everyone

I am trying to the view the 8760 output of zone temperatures for my spaces to analyze when the cooling and heating are kicking in. So, I go to hourly report block and select variable type " thermal zone" and selected " Current hour zone temp " and " current hour zone thermostat setting". When I run my output report, the values generated for the two columns are zeros for 8760hrs.

So, I went to different variable type like " HVAC system" and selected " air leaving heat coil temp " etc and ran the output file and it works and I see the values I was expecting to see, that verified that my hourly report block was working or I am creating the hourly report block in the right manner.

Then I went back to variable type " Thermal zone" again and selected different output selection like load etc, zero values in the output file.

Then thought probably the space I am selecting is in error, so selected another space to check if values can be seen, but no luck, for thermal zone variable , I am not seeing any numbers only zeros.

I checked the equest archives online, if there is any solution to this problem, but everyone was mentioning that it can be done and describing the same procedure above.

I am thinking, this should be a very silly issue and I am not able to identify it. If anyone can let me know, what I am doing wrong and guide in the right direction, that would be of loads of help.

Thank you

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Can you post your .pd2 and .inp files to the list? It'll be easier to
understand what's going on if we can look at the model directly.


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Hi Steven
Please find my .pd2 and .inp file in the attachement above. Just, now I tried a sample project with just two zones to see if I can see the thermal zone output, and I can see the output for that sample project, but not for this one. Thank you for your reply.

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