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Dear All,
I used eQuest to create my model. I am trying to fill the LEED template EAp2 now. In section 1.9A of this form, there is a table EAp2-12 Total Building Energy Cost Performance (manual cost input). I noticed that the input in this table is used to calculate the 25% process energy cost. My question is how do I input the cost associated with the process load separately. I am looking into the ES-D report and it does not breaks down the process energy cost. Can anyone help me on this?

Yuvaraj Saravanan, PE, LEED BD+C

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The most accurate way to pull that information is to create another
meter and duplicate the electric/gas utility rate to break out that cost
from the rest of the building energy. What I have typically done
however, and haven't gotten questioned about it, is just use the virtual
$/kWh rate from the ES-D report and multiply that by the process kWh
use. You can also follow the same method for any gas process use you


Matthew Larson, CEM, LEED AP BD+C

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